Ace Interpreter


Do you need someone to pick you up at the airport? Someone to organise your stay in Ukraine for you? Someone to arrange tours and visits of the most interesting tourist attractions?
Maybe you need someone to act as an interpreter for you or translate letters and documents fast and accurately?
Or perhaps you need someone in Ukraine to carry out tasks for you, such as getting a present for someone special?

I would be delighted to offer my services to you.
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My prices are fair and reasonable, and in line with the quality of service that you can expect from me.

Here are the services that I am able to provide you with:

    Vasyl Kuzyk

    Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your individual needs, and obtain a quote.


I have several years of experience in this field, and have helped tens of people get by in Ukraine, either for business or pleasure.
Having an interpreter with you offers invaluable help that electronic translators are unable to provide.
You can book me per hour, part of the day or for the whole day.
Typical cost is around US$ 100 per day, depending on your requirements.
Please contact me for a quote, stating your exact requirements.


I can translate single business or personal documents, offering both accuracy and speed; unlike using Google Translate, the quality of your translation is guaranteed by several years of practice.
I can translate single documents, various communications on a monthly basis, and I also offer a mobile translation service.
Please contact me for actual rates.


Find your family and ancestors in Ukraine. I will carry out the research for you, translate the relevant documentation, and even arrange meetings with members of your family still there.
Please contact me for actual rates.

Travel Services
Airport pickup
I can arrange taxi pickup for you from any airport in Ukraine, and be there to meet you upon your arrival; I will negociate the taxi rates for you in advance, and make sure that you pay the correct ongoing rate.
Please contact me for latest rates.

Other transport services
In addition to taxi pickup, you can book a taxi for part of or the whole day through me, benefitting from the best possible rates. I can also book bus, train and plane tickets for you.
Please contact me for latest rates.

Flowers & Gifts delivery

I can arrange for the delivery of a range of gifts and flowers in Ukraine. All deliveries will include a photo proof of delivery.
Prices vary according to the season and the type of gift. Please contact me for latest prices.

Other Services
I can arrange local hotel bookings for you, which are sometimes cheaper than making them online.
Please contact me for latest rates.

Mobile phone rental
While you are staying in Ukraine, you can have your own Ukrainian phone number in a second phone for your convenience.
Please contact me for latest rates.